Are there enough green spaces in high schools?

Written by: Abel Cardozo, Felipe Retamoso, and Francesca Contreras

At 4 Cantons high school, environmental issues like climate change and air pollution are taken
very seriously
. The 4th ESO students have been working on this type of problem for a few weeks
and on how to try to solve it.

The students about this high school want to get involved in saving the planet, so they have made a project of green spaces.

The project started with a subject they have at 4 Cantons called BRC. In this subject they chose this theme and looked for solutions to improve climate change. To find out a little more about what this BRC consisted in, we have interviewed Boris Subirats, a student who carried out this project. After listening to Boris, we can see how in this high school they created their green spaces.

Some of the projects that we have seen are the hanging pots that are on the first floor. Next to each plant there is a small explanation about it so that they know how to take care of them.

Finally, we have seen the final project of these students, their big green space in the basement
floor. Here they planted different types of plants and small trees and take care of them to make the 4 Cantons a greener place.