Give them a second life!

Change your style and buy local

Written by: Àlex Olivan, Sofia Sannino and Maxi Reeves

In today’s news report we are going to talk about the BRC “Sumem Energies-Texans pel clima”, a project that helps saving energy.

This BRC was made by 10th grade students of the 4 Cantons High school in the second term of the year 2021-2022. They studied the pollution of jeans creation process in our planet and they had the opportunity to learn about the “Texans pel clima” campaign, a project for the recovery of clothes in our district, called Sant Martí.

They went around our classes spreading this message, and they also created social media to be at reach for more people. They went to two schools in our district to explain to the kids the impact of the production of jeans and the significance of recycling them. The students placed containers in different places for 2 weeks. After this period they recollected 221 jeans.

We interviewed some of the students that participated in this project and one of them told us that:

“I chose this project because I thought it would be interesting and it would help the environment“ and the other one told us “Texans pel clima gives a second life to the jeans”.

For this reason, you should recycle, reduce and reuse your clothes. The planet needs it!