Quatre Cantons and its energy reduction

How do the Quatre Cantons students reduce the energy consumption in their high school?

Written by: Judit Memba, Martín Ferrer and Manuela Costa

Last 2nd term, in the subject of BRC, the 4th of ESO students worked and learnt about the energy they use.

They learned about how primary sources are obtained and how they are generated in power plants, and as Mario said: “in this BRC we learned about how energy is produced by power plants”.

They have also learned the consequences of generating electricity. The students who were in this project told us that:

we use a lot of energy, we spend a lot of money, and if we use less energy, we will contaminate the environment less”.

With all this work, they noticed that in many classrooms there are conventional fluorescents, which consume more energy, and not LED technology. They have also seen that, in small classrooms, we spend more energy than it is necessary because they are over-illuminated.

So, they decided to challenge themselves. The first challenge was to reduce the electric consumption from the illumination, because as Mario said “It is important because when you consume energy you contaminate the environment more.” And the second challenge consisted in reducing electric consumption at nights and weekends.

With these two challenges, they hope that, by the end of the school year, they’ll be able to save a lot of energyin every classroom.