Students take action to improve the biodiversity in school

Written by: Lucia Gaspar, Hèctor Bordallo and Aitana Maruny

Every year, the 4 Cantons students make changes to improve the green spaces and the biodiversity at school. Because of the environmental crisis, last September some students of 4ESO started a project called “Refugis de biodiversitat ”. They made some actions like building insect and bat hotels that they
placed in the playground, so everyone could see them.

To create the boxes, the students watched a lot of videos about how to make them. They also talked to an expert about the topic and researched on the internet. The bats and insects are important because without them, the biodiversity would change and the ecosystem would be destroyed. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, these animals contribute a lot to the ecosystem, and if they became extinct, a lot of animals and plants would die.

To inform ourselves, we talked with some students of 4 ESO who participated in this project. Jan told us that:

“First, we made a draft to plan how the boxes would look like and then we started making them out of wood”.

Not everyone made the same boxes. Estefania explained:

“We made two groups to build the different animal boxes. I made the insect box, with wood, but Jan did the bats one”.

We encourage you to read more about this project on the 4Cantons website and take action by making your own insect and bat houses.