The 4Cantons students and the air quality of our neihborhood

Written by: Lila Puente, Andrea Sarrapio, Marc Balot

The 10th graders of Quatre Cantons High School did a BRC about the air quality of our neighbourhood.

As they kept working they decided on the final project, which was building an air quality monitoring station where they learned and worked on air quality and the pollution of Poblenou. Before the learning activities, the students had to design and carry out a service that would solve any problem related to air pollution or that would make the public aware of it.

Therefore, a group of 6 students decided to focus their project on giving a talk to primary school students.

After finishing the BRC, they wrote down all the conclusions and they went to multiple schools in February and April such as l’Escola Llacuna, Pere IV and Acàcies to give a talk about the whole process of their work and the outcome of it, and most importantly they raised awareness among the children.

They designed the talk in a powerpoint format that included some interactive slides and some experimental demonstration activities. Anna Gou, their teacher, said:

“We are very happy with how everything came out. The schools also gave us great feedback. Some classes were more participative than others but in general the children’s response was really good”.