The Antarctica is dying!

Written by: Mar López, Eugenia de Jong and Mateu Estela

In today’s news report we are going to talk about an investigation project about Antarctica made by our youngest students in high school, the pupils of 1st of ESO.

A TG is a system that our school has to do projects during a specific time about different things, for example nature, science, etc… This TG took approximately 2 months and it started in the 2nd term, and they were divided into groups of 4 or 5 people and each group worked on a different problem.

At the beginning of the TG, a woman from an external entity came to give them a presentation about the Antarctica. We asked them about the topic and they said:

“The biggest problem is that it is disappearing due to climate change and pollution, and for this reason, to solve the problem we need to reduce CO2 emissions”.

Besides, there are other problems like the extinction of animals. The children said “we needed this TG because it helps us understand the situation in Antarctica and how climate change affects the world”. The Antarctica needs help, and we want to promote other schools to do this kind of projects with their students.