How to mesure the air that we breathe?

Written by: Jan Mortes, Ifra Naveed & Theo Knapp

The air quality monitoring station at the high school 4Cantons, which students of 4th of ESO built last term, a BRC lead by Anna Gou, allows us to know the quality of the air we breathe because it measures the concentration of nitrogen dioxide and PM2.5 particles. It also allows us to know the temperature and humidity.

It’s based on the Arduino technology and Arduino Blocks programming and it’s part of the Educont open collaboration project where different schools and high schools share the data about the quality of the air.

It’s located in the hall of the high school. Accompanied by posters with complementary information about the station, the atmospheric contaminants and how they affect our health.

We interviewed two students of 4th of ESO. Quer Vidal explained what the BRC was about “We talked about the air that we breathe, what’s in it, what it is composted of”.

They also said “It took us like 2 month, we had to program it, but we could have done it in less time without some problems we had”.